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Accelerator AIX, Inc.

Technology Transfer, Academic and Non-Profit Research Hospitals

We understand tech transfer in the biopharma and medical device space, and what you may be looking for in an outside patent prosecution counsel.

Your values and priorities will be different than those found in the private sector. We understand the need to commercialize inventions in a way that is mandated both by Bayh-Dole as well as by a non-profit/university’s own unique mission and goals, priorities, resources, and culture. We appreciate that the motivation of maximizing royalty revenue will not be the only factor to take into consideration for a tech transfer office. We also appreciate that the tech transfer office has a necessary service function to faculty-researchers, such as keeping them informed and involved in the patent prosecution process for their invention, and we are prepared to help support you in these efforts. Finally, we are also sensitive of the ongoing, delicate balance you must engage in, between the amount allocated for patent expenditures and determining the probability of whether those expenses can be recouped in the future from licensing fees, all while managing a portfolio of hundreds of inventions.

Unlike traditional law firms, we offer a patent prosecution service that is specifically designed to be custom to tech transfer office clients. We have developed and streamlined our processes over a period of many years, focusing our resources and attention to those matters deemed by tech transfer clients as having value, while eliminating those that do not. Our efforts are influenced from experiences representing a wide variety of universities and non-profit research hospitals in the preparation and prosecution of patents in the life sciences. These include, for example, Stanford University, University of California, Research Foundation for the State University of New York, California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Louisiana State University, University of Houston, University of Southern California, the Scripps Research Institute, CommonSpiritHealth/Dignity Health, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and many others.

We believe that we can provide representation that both appreciates and is sensitive to the complexity of the role that technology transfer plays in managing the path from idea to application in the life sciences. We believe that we can provide patent prosecution services that are both effective as well as cost efficient, while also providing an entrepreneurial and business strategy perspective and insight that has added value to both your faculty-researchers and tech transfer professionals.

We have experience pursuing patent prosecution for academic and non-profit hospitals in a wide variety of life science technologies in the biopharma medical device space. Some of these include, for example:

• Therapeutics (biologics, pharmaceuticals, immunotherapeutics, nanoconjugates).

• Microfluidic Devices

• Spine Implants

• Drug Delivery Platforms

• Diagnostics

• Digital Health

• Stem Cells

• Proteomics

• Genomics

• Bioinformatics

• Systems Biology

• Prosthetics

• Ventilators

• Inhalers

• Topical Creams

• Nanotechnology


• siRNA and RNAi

• Research Tools

• Drug Discovery Platforms

• Healthcare Administration Tools

• Medical Care in Space

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