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Accelerator AIX, Inc.

Statement of Mission and Founding Principles

Our objective is to provide the most effective and highest quality service available for the singular purpose of translating promising, early stage life science discoveries and research into a product that has a real, positive impact on a human being. Through this practice, to earn a living and derive a sense of life purpose and meaning.

We value craftsmanship, open mindedness, innovation, curiosity, intellectual freedom, and creativity. We value good ideas and best practices, regardless if they come from disciplines that may be less comfortable or familiar to us.

We believe in the promise of science. We believe that the development of biotech, biopharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostics, medical devices, digital health and medical technologies are noble pursuits. We believe that the advancement of science and knowledge makes the world a better place, lessens suffering, and improves the overall lives of our fellow humans. We believe that we have an important role to play in these pursuits.

Sean Senn, Esq.

Managing Partner