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Accelerator AIX, Inc.

Privately held, early stage life science companies

Early stage life science companies are inherently very risky, often have limited resources and minimal experience, while facing large technical challenges, and market competition. They are often private companies with limited management structure, and core technology or product base, with a fast-paced entrepreneurial culture and few formal processes, while still having to function in the same highly regulated healthcare environment as some of their more established competitors.

There are a wide variety of legal and business services important to an early stage life science company. Primarily operating at an intersection of science, business strategy, and legal (of which the most important is intellectual property (IP) management), there must be a fundamental understanding for and an effective management of all three of those elements if they are to be ultimately successful. However, traditional law firms and business consultants appear to be primarily focused on a model that is structured around servicing only those clients late in the development cycle, when the clients have greater resources and largely depend on outside specialists with narrow function when there arises an issue that cannot be addressed by their own in house legal or business capabilities. Most outside lawyers are functionally organized and trained by type of legal practice, rather than by client industry, which fails to take into account or provide effective representation for the numerous challenges and complexities and issues that are faced by and often unique to the life science industry.

In short, we believe that there is currently a large, unmet need for a unique type of service that we can provide.  A firm that is:

  • Small and well coordinated,
  • singularly focused on providing client value,
  • with deep expertise in the life science industry,
  • across a wide array of general legal and business services offered,
  • on an ongoing but part time basis.

Unlike traditional law firms, we offer a model specifically designed for and structured around privately held, early stage life science companies. This is a model developed after our many years of involvement with early stage biopharma and medical device companies, both in the capacity of outside legal counsel, as well as entrepreneurs and founders of the life science companies themselves. We believe that we can best serve this type of client by acting in a role similar to that of an in-house biopharma or medical device General Counsel (GC) and business advisor, encompassing a broad range of services and expertise that are both specific to the life science industry and of high value to a company early in the development cycle. We focus on the time in the client’s product development cycle between early discovery/prototyping stage and phase II clinical trials/510K clearance. This model is supported by a subscription based, month-to-month, billing structure for broadly defined legal and business services provided to clients on an ongoing but part time basis.

We have capabilities in a variety of services with broad industry area coverage and modalities. Some of these include, for example:

• Patent preparation and prosecution.

• Contract drafting and negotiation.

• FDA and international regulatory guidance.

• Competitive analysis.

• Freedom-to-Operate analysis.

• Alliance management.

• Business Development.

• Commercial assessments.

• Feasibility studies.

• Due diligence.

• New product planning.

• Pipeline planning.

• Drug, diagnostic and medical device development.

• Cost management.

• Intellectual property strategy and management.

• Pitch and fundraising.

• Pro-forma financials.

• Feasibility studies.

• Corporate guidance.

• Market analytics.

• Litigation oversight.

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